The Roycroft Inn Website Redesign

The Roycroft Inn Website Redesign

The former site was over five years old and was experiencing code stability issues. The new site was designed to be easily updatable and managed by the inn, and also to be fully responsive. An updated color palette and incorporation of Roycroft design elements brought a fresh and inviting look to the site.

A bit of Roycroft history from the site:

The Roycroft Campus, the Roycroft way of life and its story began in 1897 with Elbert Hubbard a legendary man of vision who founded the American Arts and Crafts Movement in East Aurora NY. For more than 20 years, the Roycroft Campus was a center of entrepreneurship, creativity and learning. It was a hub of activity with over five hundred working artisans and craftsmen and drew visitors from faraway places.

In 1905 the Roycroft Inn was opened to accommodate visitors and artisans looking to experience this emerging community and style.

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